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419 Records USA presents a new music culture designed around wellness and hemp awareness for the greater good of mankind.

419 Records USA LLC, was founded by a group of industry professionals and entrepreneurs from diversified backgrounds with a common passion to form an industry legacy.

419 Records USA offers Platinum Service in Artist Development and Management, Consulting, Digital Branding, Publicity, Radio Promotions, Creative Services, Advertising including Social Media, Web Presence and Stream Marketing. 

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“I am self-made through hard work and believe in creating opportunity to succeed. Earning a master’s degree, working 20 years as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and building four medical practices wasn’t easy and either is this business. Getting rich quick doesn’t exist and in this new economy with difficult times you need to be ready to triple your effort with creativity.

In 2019 when the world was normal in day to day life, I created the mission statement for 419 Records:

A new music culture designed around wellness and hemp awareness for the greater good of mankind.

A few months later it became a reality forcing us to pay attention to health and find new music to fill our voids.

Our family has served many generations in the military and the front line as firefighter paramedics where we believe in protecting people and the opportunity to succeed no matter the political party. These are my founding principles of 419 Records.

The birth of 419 Records began organically in 2017 when our family attended a concert in Pendleton, Oregon. Leah Justine was performing for the Pendleton Round Up where we had a brief encounter and one year later she returned to our home town to perform at the annual festival.

Jenn and Leah shared a dream, to use a new approach to propel the careers of music artists by launching a record label powered by USDA American Grown Hemp with Leah Justine as 419 Records flagship female artist. Like all Jenn Keith’s endeavors, this record label is surrounded by a team of entrepreneurs.

As a military daughter, Jenn was born in San Diego, California and has lived in Maryland, Florida, Germany, Colorado, Washington, Montana, and finally made her roots on the Columbia Gorge in Northern Oregon.  This journey made her a well-rounded leader in all aspects of life.  She owns and operates the only stand-alone private practice with a team of nurse practitioners in Eastern Oregon. Healthcare brings many emotions to the soul; music becomes a celebration and release of stress. She’s now bringing this leadership and her love of country music to Nashville.

Music City TeleMed in Tennessee is her new venture bringing immunity protection to artists and tour staff. She realizes the need in timely healthcare as well as keeping people healthy on tour as we make an effort to re-open America’s concert venues.

In a recent interview in Nashville, Jennifer was asked about her affinity for music, "What is your first recollection of loving music?" She responded, "I was in a stroller singing, This Land Is Your Land.” Jenn was always involved in music during her childhood, playing piano and singing in church, school, city and state choirs. When she was older, she attended memorable concerts by Amy Grant at Fiddlers Green and watched Brooks and Dunn with Shania Twain in the 90’s. Her love of country music has grown since that time and her vacations often revolve around attending concerts across the U.S. and sharing these moments with her family. She is a volunteer RN Medic in her community and also brings fire equipment to Mexico through her organization 419 Cares. God and music give her peace to push forward in this exciting journey bringing new music to the hearts of people.


Mark Keith is the epitome of a passionate, multifaceted entrepreneur. He organizes and manages his business experiences around diversified lifestyle activities reflecting his talents, interests and the relationships he develops.

Mark and his wife Jennifer enjoy their home and farm life in the Northwest and operate wellness centers taking care of patients in many capacities.

419 Records LLC, founded by the Keith's is Nashville’s newest record label, presenting a new music culture designed around wellness and hemp awareness for the greater good of mankind.

In an recent interview in Nashville for 419 Records Mark said, “The music industry and Nashville have always fascinated me as the opportunities are endless to create business relationships in a music environment.” He remembers his first concert was Duran Duran in 1983 at the

Forum in Los Angeles, and it was at a Brooks and Dunn Concert in the 90’s that he discovered country music.

His appreciation for country music grew stronger when he moved to Central Oregon. Merl Haggard played in a small bar, and he loved the song "Big City.” Mark has seen most big names in country music and boasts of his 45 plus nights in the PIT at the Gorge Amphitheater for Dave Matthews Band. Every summer is built around attending concerts, fairs, rodeos and small town events with his wife and three teenagers. Mark’s entrepreneurial enterprises started with a video production company in Huntington Beach, California, learning pre and post production at the age of 19. This led him to Park City, Utah to film a video on log homes for a friend. With a strong desire to live in the Northwest and enjoy his passions, he started a log home company in Bend, Oregon. He took Central Oregon into the roaring 2000's by designing, gen- eral contracting and personally working on many homes. This hands on approach taught him the trades of construction while also making money on strategic real estate enterprises. As a realtor and developer,

Mark learned from the top in his field how to make money in a thriving economy.

After a speedy journey through college earning a dual degree in fire science and paramedicine, Mark became a Frontline Firefighter Paramedic.

This experience laid the foundation for becoming the owner and wellness director of Encore 4 Life, LLC and working alongside Jennifer as anurse practitioner. Preventative healthcare became his passion.

Over the past three years Mark has built four wellness centers in Oregon and Washington focusing on functional medicine and hemp therapy. Hemp therapy became important to the Keith family in 2014 when their freshman daughter became epileptic. Her story is known by many as she was one of the CBD stories in the Northwest. Kennedy's story (Kennedy's Acre) is helping children and adults understand the benefits of hemp therapy and now sharing the message through country music.

It was in the recession of 2008 that brought new insight through struggle which changed his direction forever.

"Life is comprised of relationships that lead to the next step. The building blocks of business success and challenges made 419 Records a reality. It was organic. In fact I was on my knees in a hemp field connecting irrigation when the call came to form this team. A new step, a new label, a new adventure.” He loves to tell the story of the next step in business and that step started when Jennifer had a conversation with Leah Justine following her rodeo concert. The rest is history. “After all, living life to its fullest in an entrepreneurial way is what I want - I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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